Electromedicine Clinic & Research Lab

We treat a wide range of medical “conditions”, “syndromes” and clinical symptoms.

1st and only medical facility in Australia with peer-reviewed published case studies of confirmed reversals and disappearances of “malignancies” (“cancers”).

*To the best of our knowledge. We will be very happy to hear about other successes – please inform us of other instances.

What is Electromedicine?

The Electromedicine uniquely employed in our Clinic is the extremely precise application of ultra-small electrical currents to stimulate, normalize, provide matching bioelectric signals to, modify cellular behavior and influence infections in targeted locations almost anywhere in the body, and/or to achieve very specific therapeutic effects.

The application of these treatments is completely individualized to each patient and their unique symptomatic presentation as well as the identified causes of these issues based on unique real-time tissue analysis and measurement of an organ/gland or other anatomical structure we make during an examination.

We mainly use custom electro-medical equipment that we have developed for our unique treatment applications and goals.

As a result of our highly specialized research and clinical experience, our facility is currently the only one of its kind in Australia.

We apply advanced diagnostics and non-invasive (electromedical) treatments:

Read why “Cancer” might not be what you think it is.

Very many labelled medical “conditions” and “syndromes” are increasingly documented to be basically various combinations of instances of undiagnosed infections and toxicity localized in various organs or other areas of the body and brain, in addition to other subtle causative factors including harmful effects of artificial electromagnetic radiation found almost everywhere in modern urban environments.