Who we are

We are both a practice clinic and a research facility.

Director of Clinic and Research: Richard Malter  Research Projects
Richard’s clinical experience in relation to his current practice began approximately 15 years ago with his personal interest in traditional East-Asian medicine, that developed into a focus on a specialized form of Japanese Acupuncture. His ongoing clinical and research work led to invitations to present his work in the USA, and subsequently to his attendance and later his presentations [Malter et al 2006-2013] at the International College of Acupuncture & Electrotherapeutics in the USA [New York Academy of Medicine Continuing Medical Education]. He is the only clinician in the country with the related specialist knowledge and clinical expertise.

Beginning with a Research Associate position in 2006 he was named a Senior Research Scientist of the Research Institute of Global Physiology, Behavior & Treatment, USA, in 2013.

During his extensive clinical work, Richard has developed a special interest in rethinking and non-destructive alternative “cancer” treatment. According to a recent published literature search [2017], he and his clinic colleagues are the only clinicians in the country to have documented radiographic (CAT scan), endoscopic and visual examination confirmed cases of partial and complete reversal (disappearance) of several types of “cancers”, without any destructive conventional oncology treatments (no surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy), some that are international peer-reviewed published case studies.

From his long-term concurrent interest and expertise in Electromedicine he has developed the first of its kind clinical bioelectromagnetics testing for real-time assessment of the bioeffects of common public exposure radiofrequency (RF) radiation on specific chemical ‘biomarkers’ in localized tissue and tumors directly related to “cancerous” growths. RF radiation is classified by the World Health Organization as a possible human carcinogen.

He is the inventor of the Patent Pending electromedical equipment in continual development for the clinic’s ultra-low microcurrent treatments. Prominently among these electromedical treatments, is a new ‘iontophoresis’ system, for non-invasive, painless treatment of bacterial and viral infections anywhere in the body, without the need for any antibiotics or antiviral driugs, as well as advanced wound healing treatments.

Through direct collaboration with his friend and colleague, Dr. Walter Dibble Jr., PhD (1946-2015) formerly of Stanford University (USA), over a three year period (2012-2015), Richard reproduced in this country for the first time the ground-breaking research work of the William A Tiller Institute, broadly, investigating other largely unknown but probable co-factors in healing outcomes.

He is also very busy with his family with three young children

Senior Advisor: James Woessner MD PhD (USA) Curriculum Vitae Publications

Dr. Woessner was born and raised on a farm, with an agriculture Bachelor’s Degree and subsequent coursework in Permaculture, is a lifetime athlete (record holder and world championships) and a perpetual student (approximately 35 years of courses and training) with a medical speciality in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. His medical career and interests are widely varied and encompasses areas of pain, disability and medical legalwhich requires studying and reviewing material and records from all areas of Medicine. From a young age, he has been exposed and utilized many areas of Folk Medicine (nutrition and home remedies), which includes much of CAM (Complementary and Alternative Medicine). Many consider him a pioneer in Electromedicine, which has naturally evolved into consideration and expertise in Energy Medicine. In the last few years, he has acquired widely based education in Building Biology, which includes measuring and minimizing the toxic negative aspects and enhancing the positive aspects of our living spaces. While also raising his grandson, he would like to share his extensive Health and Medical background and life experiences.

Assistant Clinical Practitioner: Alan Loader BHSc (Naturopathy).

Research Associate: Helen Tyrrell BHSc (Physiotherapy).

Practice Management and Administration: Leanne Frawley and Janice Lipsett.