Alternative cancer treatment and results

International peer-reviewed published successful case studies

We have case studies[1][2] published in an international peer-reviewed scientific-medical journal with an Editorial Board that includes Nobel Laureate scientists, of radiographically-confirmed* complete disappearance of both primary and secondary (“metastatic”) neoplastic lesions (“cancers”) previously diagnosed by standard radiology/histology* within major hospitals in Victoria, Australia, that occurred during our care, with no other concurrent treatmentneither conventional oncology or ‘alternative’given during that time, and following on from previous, conventionally documented* extended disease progression.

*Confirmed by the corresponding oncology and radiology studies and reports. This asterisked note is added solely for ease of reading of the above statement.


More alternative cancer treatment reversals

We have other cases of reversals (click on photos), and long-term cases that (have) defied their conventional prognosis by years.


Vocal cord squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) major reversal & tissue normalization






Oral Cavity Carcinoma Reversal

Oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) complete reversal


Liver Mets disappearance

Multiple liver metastases (cancer) complete disappearance


melanoma reversal

Malignant melanoma (cancer): major reversal & tissue normalization




Are you looking for a cure for cancer?

While we cannot promise “cure”, we do have a successful track record of reversing what are medically called neoplasms (ie, “cancers”).

Some of these positive outcomes that would commonly be called “cures” are published in an international medical-scientific journal with Nobel Laureates on the Editorial Board. We are also currently preparing additional, highly detailed, successful case studies for publication.

We never use the word or claim, “cure”, because “cure” can only be determined at the end of an individual’s lifetime, depending on whether they had a recurrence or not.

Conventional treatment is destructive surgery/chemotherapy/radiation, that we call cut/poison/burn (CPB). Five year survival with CPB has been about a third of those with a ‘confirmed’ diagnosis of “cancer”. But quality of life is under-considered and often very poor, and relapses after 5 years are not uncommon.

If you have decided against CPB, and beyond a magic bullet “cancer cure”, are committed to participating in your own care, healing and real possibility of reversal of your condition, and recovery to health, you may want to consider participating in our completely individualizable alternative cancer treatment program.

If you have already had CPB, it might be harder for anyone to help, the harder or easier depending on what and how much CPB you have had. Our treatment program might still help or even succeed. There is definitely still hope, but not guarantees.

Single causes of cancer are often simplistically identified, like a virus, tobacco smoke, but because the world and our environments are so complex, it really makes much more sense that things that are “bad” for you work together. So there are usually many causes of any one neoplasm (“cancer”) that work together and even change over time.

Thinking about “cancer” in this way has led to our successful treatment programs.

So, if you have been diagnosed with a “cancer” it also makes sense that what you can do yourself is to change lifestyle, exposure to “cancer” causative things, and enhancing things that help your body get healthy again. These improvements form the first part of our treatment program.

Despite “cancer” classifications based on anatomical locations, organs, cell type, etc, that may lead you to the mistaken idea that you have one ‘type’ of “cancer” (“lung cancer”, “breast cancer”, “carcinoma”, etc), there is the actual fact of:

The incredible individuality of patients—and the often striking intratumoral heterogeneity within those patients [. . . ]. Clifton J. Leaf, Lidia Schapira. Medscape Oncology, April 16, 2014.

This means that every “cancer” that ever existed is a unique physiological occurrence. Furthermore, each individual has a unique history and current causes of their “cancer” (one or many) that need to be identified as far as possible.

The strength of our extremely specialized and unique treatment approach, is that it is completely individualized, largely based on our non-invasive method of identifying, and repeated measurement of many ‘biomarkers’ in and around any cancerous tumor. This gives us an individual ‘breakdown’ of a tumor, that can then be correspondingly dealt with as a unique individual occurrence, rather than as just a standard classification of ‘type’. Our case studies also indicate that this measurement system is far more useful than testing for some of these biomarkers in the blood-stream. 


We have 2 levels of alternative care:

  1. A program of clinical (and if necessary home visits) for comprehensive evaluations and our highly specialized clinical treatments that are refined and changed as normalization proceeds.
  2. Verbal (phone, Skype, etc) and digital (email, etc) discussion of your case, highly detailed review of all your medical information and radiology films/CDs, evaluating your situation and inputting from afar. We can also expert search, scientifically review, highlight and summarize for you appropriate information about your diagnosed “cancer” and your treatment options, including published statistical chances of success and harmful short and long-term side effects. Read more


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