Fibrosis Reversing Treatment

Fibrosis Reversing and Tissue Regeneration Treatment

We have developed a drug-free, internal organ and tissue fibrosis (scarring) reversing treatment.

How it works

This treatment utilizes a specialized silver iontophoresis method to stimulate the ‘dedifferentiation’ of mature ‘fibroblast’ cells—the dedicated cells that make fibrous tissue, within the damaged or changed tissue.

As a result, this process provides a population of cells resembling ‘hematopoietic’ (bone marrow located) ‘stem cells’ in the damaged tissue area. These newly modified cells become available to remodel existing tissues and form completely new tissues, to an extent not normally possible in the human body.

At the same time, a complementary, ultra-low microcurrent ‘signal’ is targeted at the anatomical treatment location. The aim of this ultra-low microcurrent is to act as a ‘surrogate’, natural bioelectric injury ‘signal’, to stimulate new tissue growth.

Background to this treatment

Part of this treatment system is similar to the USA patented methods developed by Robert O Becker, et al, for surface tissue healing and regeneration:

Patent 1: Processes And Products Involving Cell Modification

Patent 2: Iontopheretic System For Stimulation Of Tissue Healing And Regeneration


We have some good clinical and radiological evidence to support and confirm successful results with this treatment method.

Some sample results are shown in the two links below:


Ultra-low microcurrent stimulation itself has also been shown to have tissue healing and regenerative abilities.

For these treatments, we have developed custom, portable microcurrent stimulators.


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