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Electromedicine Clinic – New Electrotherapy Treatments

We have developed and been involved in the development of a range of novel electromedical treatments and approaches:

  • Treatment for localized infections, viral and bacterial, surface and internal body – including organ infections such as hepatitis and Inflammatory bowel disease. We have prevented many major surgeries as a result.

  • Treatment of antibiotic resistant bacteria (superbug) infections.

  • Reversal of solid cancerous growths (using an emergent plasticity, general systems theory model), without any conventional oncological treatments.

  • Reversal (regeneration) of chronic internal fibrotic (scar) tissue.

  • Targeted, electrical stimulation for up-regulation of specific intracellular second messengers (cAMP, cGMP), with applications for tissue healing and regeneration, and (neuropathic) pain conditions.

  • Treatment for reversal and prevention of glial scarring after spinal cord injury (SCI); and effective stimulation of central nervous system tissue regeneration after SCI.

  • Multi-type electrical stimulation treatment system of wounds, using AI machine learning to optimize stimulation to the individual wound or ulcer.  The techonology has been used to save leg amputations as well as overcoming the need for many skin grafts.

  • New and advanced applications of electroacupuncture utilizing neuroanatomical and neurophysiological science (and providing explanations for traditional acupuncture concepts).

  • Establishment of Tiller-Dibble ‘Conditioned’ space clinical environment, with SU2 electromagnetic gauge symmetry level.

What is electromedicine?

The future of electromedicine: siselectromed.com

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