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International peer-reviewed published successful case studies

We have reported clinical case studies[1][2] published in an international peer-reviewed scientific-medical journal having an Editorial Board that includes Nobel Laureate scientists, documenting radiographically-confirmed* complete disappearance of both primary and secondary (“metastases”) neoplasms (“cancers”), which were diagnosed by standard radiology/histology* within major hospitals in Victoria, Australia, that occurred during our care, without any conventional oncology treatment given during that time, and including outcomes following on from previous, conventionally documented* extended disease progression.

*Confirmed by the corresponding hospital oncology and radiology studies and reports. This asterisked note is added solely for ease of reading of the above statement.


More cancer reversals

We have additional cases of cancer reversals and long-term cases that (have) defied their conventional prognosis by many years. Click on photos below.

cure for cancer, alternative cancer treatment, natural cancer treatment

Vocal cord squamous cell carcinoma (cancer): Complete reversal & tissue normalization.






cure for cancer, alternative cancer treatment, natural cancer treatment

Oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) complete reversal.


cure for cancer, alternative cancer treatment, natural cancer treatment

Multiple liver metastases (secondary cancers) complete disappearance.


cure for cancer, alternative cancer treatment, natural cancer treatment, melanoma

Malignant melanoma (skin cancer): Major reversal & tissue normalization.


Alternative Cancer Treatment, Natural Cancer Treatment

Are you looking for a cure for cancer?

Alternative Cancer Treatment, Natural Cancer Treatment: While we cannot promise “cure”, we do have had clear successes in reversing what are medically called neoplasms (i.e., “cancers”).

Some of these positive outcomes that would commonly be called “cures”, are published in an international, peer-reviewed medical-scientific journal having Nobel Laureate scientists on its Editorial Board. They have also been presented internationally at medical-scientific conferences. We are currently preparing other, case studies of successful outcomes for publication.

We never claim or use the word, “cure”, because “cure” can only be determined at the end of an individual’s lifetime, depending on whether or not they had a recurrence of their “cancer”.

Conventional oncology treatment is destructive surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, which we call, “cut-poison-burn” (CPB). Five year survival with CPB has been about a third of those with a confirmed diagnosis of “cancer”; but quality of life within these five years is very under-considered and is often very poor, and relapses after 5 years are also common.

If you have decided against CPB, and beyond a non-existent, “magic bullet” cure for “cancer”, are committed to participating in your own care, healing and possibility of reversal of your condition and recovery to good health, you might wish to consider our alternative cancer care; which can be completely individualized to each individual occurrence:

Despite “cancer” classifications based on anatomical locations, organs and cell type, which may lead you to the idea that you have one ‘type’ of “cancer” (“lung cancer”, “breast cancer”, “carcinoma”, etc.), there is the actual fact of:

The incredible individuality of patients—and the often striking intratumoral heterogeneity within those patients [. . . ]. Clifton J. Leaf, Lidia Schapira. Medscape Oncology, April 16, 2014.

Simply put, this means that every “cancer” that ever existed in any location in the body is a unique physiological occurrence. Furthermore, each person has a unique history, and present causes, of their “cancer” (one or many) that need to be identified as far as possible:

The strength of our highly specialized and unique treatment approach is that it is completely individualized not just to the individual, but to each “cancerous” occurrence in the body, if necessary. Each occurrence in the body, or even within the same organ (liver, lung, etc.) can require a different treatment approach. 

This is achieved via our non-invasive method of measurement of many ‘biomarkers’ in and around any “cancerous” tumor. This gives us a ‘breakdown’ of each tumor–primary and/or secondary (if there are many). Each “cancerous” occurrence can then be correspondingly dealt with, based on its individual ‘biomarker’ components, rather than based on a ‘blanket’ classification of its type that is diagnostically meaningless. 

Alternative Cancer Treatment, Natural Cancer Treatment

We offer 2 levels of care:

1.  Case Review, Radiology Examination, and Individualized Treatment Information and Provision of Electromedical Equipment and/or Therapeutic Substances For Treatment.

The steps in this process are:

  1. Initial Consultation at the Clinic. The Consultation includes a preliminary case review of your medical information.
  2. We perform a comprehensive Case Review and a Radiology Examination of your CT, MRI, PET scans or ultrasound studies, aimed at retrieving further diagnostic information about the identified lesion(s)*. This examination is done using our set of laboratory diagnostic equipment–that is unique in Australasia and wider area, and using the techniques originally described in this and this journal-published article. We also review all other medical information you provide about your case (reports, treatments received so far if applicable). You receive a Diagnostic Report of the findings of this examination. Based on this assessment, we give you information for an individualized course of Treatment.
  3. We provide you with the necessary Electromedical Equipment (hire or sale if appropriate and per your decisions), and/or supply you with the appropriate Therapeutic Substances, with full instructions for the Treatments.**
  4. Options for periodic follow-up Radiology Examination and Case Review over time (weeks or months).

* A ‘lesion’ is any occurrence identified via a diagnostic scan, such as a cancer, benign tumor, polyp, or any other localized tissues with abnormal appearance.

** If we cannot supply any therapeutic substance or treatment protocol determined to be beneficial from the Radiology Examination and Case Review, where possible, we refer you to sources where you can obtain them.


2.  Comprehensive Medical Advisory & Support Service (M*A*S*S).


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