Clinical EMF Health Testing


Clinical Bioelectromagnetics

We have developed a fast and advanced clinical assessment of artificial radiofrequency (RF=microwave) environmental electromagnetic field radiation on general and specific health and medical conditions. RF radiation comes from sources such as smart meters, mobile phone towers, cordless phones, WiFi, microwave ovens and numerous others.

The assessment can be made on:

  • elements of specific medical and health conditions
  • especially for identification (diagnosis) of specific RF radiation causes and impacts on existing diagnosed conditions of localized pathological tissuefor example, “cancers”.

How it works

The assessment does not rely on theoretical or Government Standards “safe” radiation exposure limits. Since we are able to non-invasively assay ‘biomarker‘ parameters (measure micro-chemical levels) in the body, brain and inside abnormal tissue in real-time, we can also measure in real-time if these biomarkers are being affected by environmental RF radiations (home/workplace) when we exactly reproduce these specific RF radiations in a clinical environment with our electronic RF signal generator equipment.

A key feature of this testing methodology, is that within the whole band of RF radiation, we can test isolated, specific frequencies and signal power intensities for highly detailed identification of impacts. 

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The methodology has four stages:

  1. Measurement (spectrum analysis) of RF radiation impacting on the individual in their home, workplace, etc. The frequency spectrum analysis shows the separate sources of the radiations. Alternatively, without directly assessing a home/workplace environment on-site, we can clinically test typical RF radiations and signals that we are all exposed to on a day to day basis in most modern public, home and workplaces, since these are known public exposure RF bands.
  2. We measure biomarker parameters directly relating to the specific medical condition, complaint or directly within the target pathological tissue.
  3. We use an RF radiation Signal Generator to exactly reproduce and generate the EMF radiationfrequencies and signal power intensitythat we recorded or selected in Stage 1, one frequency (signal) at a time. We use spectrum analyzers to confirm the precision of the signals we generate. This is done in short bursts of a few seconds or minutes, far less than the continuous exposure detected in the home or workplace in Stage 1.
  4. During each signal generation time (Stage 3), we re-assay (measure) the key biomarker parameters we measured in Stage 2. We look for changes in these biomarkers as a result of the RF radiation. If there are clear changes in one or many of these biomarkers, then we make a positive assessment that the RF signal (radiation) is influencing and/or causing the medical condition or complaint, depending on how and what biomarkers are being affected. We thereby isolate and identify the harmful RF radiations and frequencies.
  5. Finally, by tracing backwards to Stage 1, by matching the harmful RF radiation signals to their known sources, we can identify the source(s) of the harmful RF radiations on the health of the individual in their everyday environment, for positive intervention.

Stress response

We can also measure cortisol (a major stress hormone) before and during exposure to the RF radiation(s) we detect. If an elevated cortisol level is detected in response to the RF radiation(s), this means the body is having a stress response to the radiation. In the long term this can lead to deteriorating health that can manifest in many ways, including very reduced immunity. If an elevated cortisol level is not detected in response to the RF radiation(s), we use a secondary method for indication of a longer-term hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal gland (HPA) axis central nerve pathway dysfunction (from long-term stress, etc).

Based directly on the clinical assessment, we can recommend and/or implement targeted, real, electronically measurable solutions to reduce, shield or eliminate the RF radiation, that are the most cost-effective, as necessary for prevention of disease and deterioration of health.

This is not the same as the many devices on the market that claim to “harmonize” or “neutralize” the harmful effects of RF radiation on the body. Using spectrum analyzers, we would be able to measure NO CHANGE AT ALL in the RF radiation impacting on the body with these devices. If some of these devices have some benefit or not in other more subtle ‘protective’ ways is open to more study. In our extensive clinical experience this is far to risky seeing that often serious, potentially serious or life-threatening medical conditions are being dealt with or could develop.

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