Clinical radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation testing

Many studies on EMF radiation and health, have focused on the thermal heating effects of RF radiation. These studies have been used to set many Standards for “safe” levels of RF radiation exposure. As these studies are so limited, they have often concluded that if there is no heating of biological tissue then there is no problem.  Very many, further scientific studies have shown this idea to be totally flawed and incorrect.

The more important studies for human health go beyond the mistaken ‘thermal effects only’ idea.

These more appropriate studies consider athermal RF radiations and their effect on human and other biological tissue. Many of these studies, also effectively consider, the effects of the frequency (=information) carried by these RF radiations on the human organism. Overall, these studies have shown or indicated a broad range of damaging effects on human health, generally and on specific hormones, proteins in the body and in the brain and on genetics, in vivo and in vitro. They demonstrate very ample evidence for the need to exercise a Strong Precautionary Principal regarding RF radiation exposure and the urgent need for new and better exposure levels to safeguard public health.

Approaching the subject from our specialist clinical perspective and experience, we have investigated the not new idea that specific RF radiations (frequencies) can act as artificial ‘surrogate’ biological signals, and so by interference, can directly cause protein expression/suppression, leading to abnormal cell growth and behavior, and so also tumor growth, etc.

So far, the detailed real-time clinical studies we have made with “cancers”, that combine our real-time tissue biomarker assays, world-class RF signal generator and spectrum analyzer equipment, indicate that this is in fact correct.

Our results are not surprising in the context of the huge mass of published studies on the subject. Studies in Australia at RMIT have shown[1] that different proteins interactions in the human body are frequency-specific based on the resonant electromagnetic energy transfer of the interactions; and postulated[2] the mechanism that artificial EMF radiation frequencies ‘jam’ normal biological signals.

We regularly apply this clinical assessment whenever appropriate. We have solutions or recommendation to these problems that we can test and confirm using our combined clinical tests and high-end electronic equipment.

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1. Bioresonance. Cosic, Irena. School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Australian Centre for Radio frequency Bioeffect Research. Presentation, RMIT, Melbourne, 2006.

2. Human Electrophysiological Signal Responses to ELF Schumann Resonance and Artificial Electromagnetic Fields. Ćosić I, Cvetković D, Fang Q, Jovanov E, Lazoura H.