Documents for new and existing patients

New or prospective patients: please download, read and complete these four documents:

  1. Information-Consent Form (3 pages)

  2. Medical Information Form (1 page)

  3. How To Prepare For Your Appointment And Fee Sheet (3 pages)

  4. E*S*S Electromedical Equipment Use Terms of Use and Consent Form (1 page).


This practice emphasizes the following principles of medical care:

  • Whole Person Healing and Medicine.
  • Effective, individualized treatment based on the normalization of a medical problem so that it is no longer a pathology.
  • Improvement and prevention of deterioration of health over palliative care and suppression, cover-up and the medicating of symptoms.
  • No pharmaceutical drugs whenever possible. No side effects. No harm to any part or aspect of the whole person (whole human being).
  • Fully educated and informed patient choice and involvement in their medical condition, its known and identified causes and natural history, and possible treatments and effects, and any risks involved; with clear, fully disclosed, scientific data.
  • Maximizing quality of life.
  • Suitability for everyone.




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