Documents for new and existing patients

New or prospective patients: please download, read and complete these three documents:

  1. Information-Consent Form (3 pages)

  2. Medical Information Form (1 page)

  3. How To Prepare For Your Appointment And Fee Sheet (4 pages)


This practice emphasizes the following principles of medical care:

  • Whole Person Healing and Medicine.
  • Effective, individualized treatment based on the normalization of a medical problem so that it is no longer a pathology.
  • Improvement and prevention of deterioration of health over palliative care and suppression, cover-up and the medicating of symptoms.
  • No pharmaceutical drugs whenever possible. No side effects. No harm to any part or aspect of the Whole Person (whole human being).
  • Fully educated and informed patient choice and involvement in their medical condition, its known and identified causes and¬†natural history,¬†and possible treatments and effects; with clear, fully disclosed, scientific and accurate data.
  • Maximizing Quality of Life.
  • Suitability for everyone.


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