Electromagnetic Health Consulting


Radiofrequency (RF) “microwave” radiation affects and can severely damage biological tissue, in animals and humans, in many ways that have been internationally, massively and extensively scientifically shown, and published and peer-reviewed over many years in hundreds of scientific papers.  

These effects include genetic damage and impacts on biological processes including neural and hormonal. The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified RF radiation from mobile phones (the same bands of radiation coming from phone towers, cordless phones, Smart Meters, etc) as a Class 2B possible human carcinogen (“cancer” causing agent) based on the growing evidence.

For the technically interested, this annotated Table taken from the international Bioinitiative Report 2012 is a useful, but still only small sample, of the scientific literature documenting the effects of RF and near field radiation on many different genes and important proteins.

The problem is that the current Australian Standard for safe public exposure limits of RF radiation is not based on this scientific data. Instead, the safety Standard is based on a much higher thermal (tissue heating) threshold of effect. This means that the many scientifically shown very harmful effects of RF radiation that occur far below the thermal threshold are not included in the Australian RF exposure safety Standard.

What is the problem with RF radiation?

There are two factors (like AM and FM radio):

  • the peak strength of the electromagnetic field (EMF) of the radiation that has both an electric and magnetic ‘component’ can impact on the body in many ways
  • the frequency of the radiation – how many cycles/pulses per second measured in Hertz(Hz), the radiation peaks in strength.

The frequency is itself EMF ‘information’. This information content of the radiation might abnormally signal to, or ‘jam’ normal/healthy biological processed and signalling. This non-stop signalling between and inside the trillions of cells in our bodies is what keeps us alive and healthy, and repairs cellular and genetic damage that happens as ‘wear and tear’ of living. In addition, the frequency is also a major factor in the total energy we absorb from the radiation: the higher the frequency, the more times every second the same peak energy impacts on us.


To assess these radiation factors in a home, workplace, etc, the RF radiation and lower EMF from our power supplies from many possible sources need to measured in terms of both peak strengths and frequencies. The frequency analysis is done with an instrument called a ‘spectrum analyzer’ – without this, the assessment is very incomplete for the reasons explained above. We use world-class, high-end specification spectrum analyzers. Assessment can be made for the frequency range between 50(Hertz)Hz and 10GigaHz.

In addition, we can make a Geiger counter reading for detection of higher energy/frequency radiation sources (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma), and also electronic measurement of the localized geomagnetic field strength and pattern for possible distortions caused by (large) metal structures or geological variations.

We can recommend, and if feasible, implement real, electronically measurable solutions to reduce or eliminate the radiation, that are the most cost-effective, for screening, attenuated, blocking, replacing, as necessary for prevention of disease and deterioration of health.

This is not the same as the many devices on the market that claim to change the radiation or “harmonize/Neutralize” the radiations’ harmful effect on the body. Using spectrum analyzers, we would be able to measure no change at all in the radiation impacting on the body with these devices. If some of these devices have some benefit or not in other more subtle ‘protective’ ways is open to more study – we have tested many that do not work in this way. In our extensive clinical experience this is far to risky seeing that often serious, life-threatening or potentially serious medical conditions are being dealt with or could develop.

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