Electromedical device development


Electromedical device development:

For the last nearly 10 years, we have undertaken a small-scale research and development project of novel electromedical equipment. This project started and developed out of the unique requirements of the clinic, which are in turn prompted from the target and clinically necessary outcomes we aim for together with our patients.

Incrementally over time we gained experience and met with increasingly difficult clinical challenges, and so the electromedical devices we found would be needed for various therapeutic applications, gradually become clear.

Initially, we sourced readily available electrotherapy equipment, ‘resembling’ even in very limited functionality, our wished-for devices. However, it was very quickly obvious that these imagined devices were not presently manufactured anywhere in the world, and so we began very slowly to manufacture them as prototype devices.

Our initial ‘manufacturing’ process began by purchasing existing electromedical devices, and then asking our electronics technician to modify them to fit our requirements.

An early example of a novel application of electrical stimulation that we developed, is extended (hours/days/weeks) continuous stimulation of an ‘acupuncture’ point, for a highly specific clinical outcome not normally within clinical reach of electro-acupuncture [see photo below].

electromedical device development

Early days with improvised continuous, extended, very low intensity electro-acupuncture.


To some extent, with some therapeutic applications, we had some good and some partial successes. However, with increasing experience and evaluation we found that these modified devices were still either very insufficient and/or did not meet our needs at all. We therefore began to design and develop novel electromedical equipment from scratch; and this small-scale research and development project is an ongoing feature of the clinic.

Concurrent medical practice

A special feature of this equipment development project, is that it is an ongoing development of our day-to-day, highly specialized electromedical practice. The clinical experiences gained within the course of our clinical practice, are fed into the design concept and specifications of the electromedical devices we have and/or are developing. This is a unique back-and-forth process of research and development, which is continuous and has proven very fruitful.

Clinical results


A very willing patient achieving a very remarkable clinical result.


As an example of the clinical application and advanced results obtained with early prototype equipment of one of our new electro-stimulators, please see this page.

The future

Beginning in 2014, as the scope of the equipment development project grew, to including applications for electro-acupuncture, silver iontophoresis for infection treatments and wound healing, and electromedically enhanced tissue healing and regeneration, design and manufacture was ‘handed’ to SIS Manufacturing Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia, in order to eventually produce full-fledged electro-medical equipment; and also to explore the possibilities for improving the delivery of low-cost emergency medical aid in the most challenging circumstances such as humanitarian crisis situations.

In 2016, the project was shared with SIS Manufacturing Ltd, New Zealand, for further R&D and manufacture, in conjunction with Elemental Electronics in Melbourne, Australia.

The first device planned for production in 2015 was the world’s first dedicated and portable silver iontophoresis stimulator (SIS).

[Note as of 2017] One year later than planned, the SIS machines areĀ commercially available.