Electromagnetic Health Consulting


Our services are unique and highly advanced based on clinical-pathology radiofrequency (RF) and near field (50-60Hz) electromagnetic field (EMF) testing experience and abilities.

We provide home and clinical assessments.

To assess radiation factors in a home, workplace, etc, the radiofrequency (RF) radiation and lower frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) from our power supplies, from many possible sources, need to analyzed and measured in terms of both peak strengths and frequencies. Measurements are performed with an instrument called a Spectrum Analyzer. Without this instrument, the assessment is very incomplete for the reasons explained here. We use world-class, high-end specification spectrum analyzers. Assessment can be made for the EMF frequency range between 50(Hertz)Hz and 10GigaHz that covers all public exposures.

In addition, we can make a Geiger counter reading for detection of higher energy/frequency radiation sources (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma), and also electronic measurement of the localized geomagnetic field strength and pattern for possible distortions caused by (large) metal structures or geological variations.

We can recommend, and if feasible, implement real, electronically measurable solutions to reduce or eliminate the radiation, that are the most cost-effective, for screening, attenuated, blocking, replacing, as necessary for prevention of disease and deterioration of health.

Important note: the solutions we can provide or recommend are not to be confused with the many stick-on or plug-in devices being sold and marketed that claim to “harmonize” or “neutralize” the RF or lower frequency EMFs and so prevent their damaging effects on the body and genetics. Using spectrum analyzers, we would be able to show you and measure no change at all in the EMFs impacting on the body with these devices. In the face of the 1000s of scientific papers and also our clinical experience, that these devices have some benefit in other more subtle ‘protective’ genetic ways seems extremely unlikely. In our extensive clinical experience this is far to risky seeing that often serious, life-threatening medical conditions are being dealt with or could develop. There is no change in the radiation impacting on the cells of the body with these devices. Our advice is that it is a very dangerous false sense of security.

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