emWave home/portable biofeedback ‘training’ system

emWave home/portable biofeedback 'training' system

Extremely easy to use and very worthwhile.

This is a self-care Heart Rate Variablity (HRV) monitor package (software & portable device – the portable device can be used stand-alone without software and computer). Use to train yourself to regulate the balance between your sympathetic (stimulating) and parasympathetic (calming) nervous system, for improving and maintaining short and long-term health. The tools and techniques of the emWave HeartMath® system are based on over 18 years of scientific research on the psychophysiology of stress, emotions, and the interactions between the heart and brain.

Why is HRV important? According to the HeartMath institute, as a marker of physiological resilience and behavioural flexibility, it reflects our ability to adapt effectively to stress and environmental demands. HRV is also a marker of biological aging. Our HRV is greatest when we are young, and as we age the range of variation in our resting heart rate becomes smaller. Although the age-related decline in HRV is a natural process, having abnormally low HRV for one’s age group is associated with increased risk of future health problems and premature mortality. Low HRV is also observed in individuals with a wide range of diseases and disorders. By reducing stress-induced wear and tear on the nervous system and facilitating the body’s natural regenerative processes, regular practice of HeartMath ‘coherence-building’ techniques can help restore low HRV to healthy values.

Start-up training available by arrangement but not necessary.

$275 plus postage

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