Equipment & Support Service (E*S*S)

Infection & wound treatments – chronic, recurrent, antibiotic resistant & viral infections; all wounds & ulcers. New electrotherapy and expert support.

This service is intended for the treatment of a single instance of a diagnosed infection, or of a wound or ulcer, or of an injury.

This service is available to Australian and New Zealand residents.

This service will probably be tried after the infectious condition or wound/ulcer has failed to be treated successfully by conventional GP prescribed or hospital treatments.

  • For the management of complex medical cases, please see the M*A*S*S page.


Infection & Wound Treatments:

  • Rental hire of an advanced, portable electro-stimulator for infection treatment, for wound/ulcer treatment, or for injury treatment.
  • Supply for purchase of specialized electro-plated silver-nylon cloth electrodes for use with the electro-stimulator.
  • Up to 1 calendar month of technical equipment operation support, and medical advisory support, for correct and optimal application and best chance of a successful outcome of your medical condition with use of the electromedical equipment.


  1. You pay the E*S*S fees in advance. Fees are set out below under the TERMS & FEES section.
  2. For Australian residents, we email/fax/post to you a simple consent form for use of the electromedical equipment. You sign and return this form to us by email/fax/post.
  3. If available and according to your wishes, you send us any medical information that you have, including printed pathology test and scan CDs and reports about your condition. We review any medical information sent.
  4. We send you the appropriate electromedical equipment.
  5. We provide you with up to 1 calendar month of technical equipment operation support, and medical advisory support for the single instance condition. We will communicate with you promptly; we will use email, telephone, or VOIP (SKYPE) at our discretion. Within reason, you can communicate with us with feedback, photos and questions, in an unlimited way.
  6. If within the 1 calendar month of provision of this Service, your condition has been treated successfully, you return the electromedical equipment to us. If the condition persists, but there has been some improvement and at our discretion, you will have the option to repeat the Service again.



The Service operates on a monthly basis, beginning on the date you pay our fees. One month is the usual period for provision of this service, based on our extensive clinical experience across a wide range of infection and wound conditions.

There is no obligation to continue receiving this Service at any time during the month that has been paid for in advance.

Fees are non-refundable for any whole month wherein the Service has been provided during any number of days within that month. At our discretion, there is no limit to engage the Service repeatedly after the first month.


The electromedical equipment is robust and designed for continuous medical use. We will replace faulty equipment at no extra cost at any time during provision of the Service.

The electromedical equipment is supplied under these terms and conditions.


All fees are stated in Australian Dollars (AUD).

All fees are payable in full in advance, by credit card or by direct bank transfer. There is a 3% surcharge for credit card payments on all fees.


In addition to the E*S*S fees set out below, a refundable $1000 deposit is required for each electro-stimulator given for rental hire. In most medical instances, only one electro-stimulator device will be needed. The deposit is refundable on return to us of the electro-stimulator in undamaged condition, minus 3% to cover merchant banking fees incurred by us. That is, you will receive back $970 of your deposit.


  • Electro-stimulator hire: $95 per week for 4 weeks, total $380.
    • You have the option to purchase the electro-stimulator, either at the beginning or at any time during the provision of the Service. Any hire fees paid will be deducted from the purchase price of between $1900-$2160 AUD, depending on which electro-stimulator is supplied. If purchased, the electro-stimulator will have a 3-5 year warranty, depending on the device provided.
  • Silver-nylon cloth electrodes for use with the electro-stimulator: $38 or $65 per pack, depending on size needed (4 per pack, 2 always used together as a pair). Typically, for 1 month’s treatment of a wound or of an infection, approximately 7 packs of electrodes are needed, total $266 or $455 depending on electrode size needed.
  • Technical equipment operation support and medical advisory support for 1 month, total $400.
  • TOTAL 1 MONTH FEES: $380 + ($266 or $455) + $400 (does not include refundable deposit and postage costs).



  1. QUESTION: Can the electromedical equipment treat surface and internal body infections?  ANSWER: Yes, both.
  2. QUESTION: How does the treatment work for an infection?  ANSWER: Please see this external page from the manufacturer of the equipment.
  3. QUESTION: How does the treatment work for a wound or ulcer?  ANSWER: Please see this external page from the manufacturer of the equipment.
  4. QUESTION: How does the treatment work for an injury?  ANSWER: Please see this external page from the manufacturer of the equipment.



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