Infection & Wound Healing – Equipment Rental Service

Infection, wound and ulcer Treatments. For chronic, recurrent, antibiotic resistant & viral infections, and most wound & ulcer types. New electrotherapy treatment equipment and expert support.

This service is for Australian residents to provide help for the treatment of a single instance of a diagnosed infection, or for the healing of a wound or ulcer.

  • For the management of complex medical cases, please see the M*A*S*S page of this website.

How the equipment rental service works

  1. We do NOT supply you with the treatment equipment. You buy the necessary electromedical treatment machine independently from (a New Zealand company). Delivery time is approximately 3 business days. For infection treatment, the M250 machine is needed; for wound treatment, the W250 machine is needed. The machines run on AAA type batteries. You may need extra packs of small size pads or large size pads for use with the treatment machine, depending on your medical condition and how long your treatment takes.
  2. Under special arrangement, the seller GUARANTEES that the treatment machine will be bought back from you at the end of the treatment period. The seller will REFUND the total purchase price of the machine, minus the rental fee for the period of treatment you used the device (see below for rental rates). You also have the option to keep the treatment machine if you wish to and then rental fees DO NOT apply.
  3. The seller does NOT buy back any unused pads purchased with the treatment machine.
  4. The seller provides complete technical electromedical equipment application and device operation support, for the best chance of a successful outcome of treatment of your infection or wound using the electromedical equipment.



The rental service operates on an initial and minimum 1 month basis, beginning on the calendar day after you pay the service fees. The monthly basis is a realistic medical treatment time period based on our extensive clinical experiences across a wide range of infection and wound conditions.

After the first month’s rental, if the condition persists and there has been improvement, you can extend the rental service, in minimum 2 weekly blocks.


All fees are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and exclusive of GST. Fees are payable in full in advance by credit card or by direct bank transfer. There is a 1.5% surcharge for credit card payments on all fees. This service is available to Australian residents only.

  • Rental fee for one month: $750.
  • Extension rental fee for any additional 2 week block after the first month: $250.

All rental fees are NON REFUNDABLE in full or part.


  • The refund of the total purchase price of the machine will be credited directly by the seller back to your credit card that you used to make the online purchase, within 5 business days of the end of the rental service. The original online purchase must be made through the website using a credit card via Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to make the payment, it just handles the transaction. The postage cost of the machine is NOT refunded.

The treatment machines are physically very robust, have a shockproof protective cover that must be kept on the machines at all times during use, and are especially designed for rigorous and continuous use over extended periods. However, if you break the machine so that it no longer functions normally and/or you break the casing so that a replacement casing is needed, from neglect of using the protective cover, accident or otherwise, a refund will only be made at the discretion of the seller and a reduced refund may be given. Minor cosmetic damage is expected and will not lessen the refund.


Example #1: One month treatment for lung infection (large area infection)


Machine purchase with 4 packs of extra large pads for 1 month treatment: $2633 New Zealand Dollars that converts approximately to:

machine purchase $2525

postage $38

Total outlay before refund: $2563.00


$2525.00 machine purchase price


$837.38 month rental fee including GST and 1.5% Australian credit card surcharge


$38 postage

Total refund $1649.62


Total outlay


Total refund


Total cost for 1 month $913.38


Frequently asked questions about the equipment rental service

QUESTION: Can the electromedical equipment treat surface and internal body infections?

ANSWER: Yes, both.

QUESTION: How does treatment with the electromedical equipment work for an infection?

ANSWER: Please see this trusted external page from the manufacturer of the equipment.

QUESTION: How does the treatment with the electromedical equipment work for a wound or ulcer?

ANSWER: Please see this trusted external page from the manufacturer of the equipment.

QUESTION: Why don’t you supply the electromedical equipment?

ANSWER: The machines (medical devices) are listed on the New Zealand Medsafe database of medical devices but not with the Australian Therapeutics Goods Administration (TGA), so we cannot supply you with the machines, you must order them yourself for your personal or family use that is allowed.




Legal Disclaimer

This service will probably be tried after the infectious condition, wound or ulcer has failed to be treated successfully or is persistent with conventional GP prescribed or hospital treatments.