Injury & Damaged Tissue Treatment & Regeneration

Topic: Injury Treatment, Pain, Rehabilitation, Tissue Regeneration, Stem Cells.

These treatments come under the headings of: Injury Treatment, Pain, Rehabilitation, Tissue Regeneration, Stem Cells.

We have developed several unique methods for the treatment of injuries and of acute or chronically damaged tissue, including conditions involving pain.


These treatments come under the general medical headings: Injury Treatment, Injured Tissue, Pain, Tissue Regeneration, Stem Cells.

Treatments are applied with portable electrotherapy devices, either in-clinic or taken home for extended, continuous application. The treatments are selected and combined as appropriate on an individual basis for optimal results.

1. Fibroblast Cell Modification Treatment

  • We utilize and have developed on a specialized treatment that utilizes a silver iontophoresis method to stimulate a type of cell involved in the healing process, called a ‘Fibroblast’, to self-modify with some of the regrowth abilities of stem cells for tissue regeneration.
  • These newly modified cells become available to remodel existing tissues and form completely new tissues, to an extent not normally possible in the human body.

Background to this treatment

Part of this treatment system is similar to the USA patented methods developed by Orthopedist, Robert O Becker for surface tissue healing and regeneration:

Patent 1: Processes And Products Involving Cell Modification

Patent 2: Iontopheretic System For Stimulation Of Tissue Healing And Regeneration

2. Cyclic AMP Stimulation Treatment

3. Microcurrent Treatment

Ultra-low microcurrent stimulation, has tissue healing and regenerative abilities.

These treatments can be supported and enhanced by anti-inflammatory dietary practices, together with appropriate exercise in cases of musculoskeletal injuries, about which we can also advise and recommend.


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