Medical Advisory & Support Service (M*A*S*S)


Have you been diagnosed with an infection, “syndrome”, “condition” or symptom that is not responding to, or not considered given to effective treatment?

Have you been told that you are “terminal” or that there is no hope, or that you have a “rare cancer”?! Are the chemo and radiation side effects worth it? Looking for a magic cure: there are hundreds of “magical” cures—how do you chose?

M*A*S*S website


We are equally prepared (see vitas/resumes) to assist both individuals (patients), and orthodox (MB,BS/MD) and CAM Practitioners in and outside of Australia.

We are offering this Service exactly in line with our compassionate reasons for practising medicine in the first place; and as our initiative to extend our expertise beyond the limitations of a single clinical facility. Our Service is intended to inform and support you to the best of our abilities.

M*A*S*S website