Electromedically Assisted Chelation Detoxification Protocol

This is a complete ‘kit’ that we provide to you from our extensive experience with heavy metal detoxification

The kit includes a supply of a combination of generally available and revieweddemonstrated and demonstrated custom-produced, food-grade toxin chelating substances, together with rental of a wrist-worn Blood Electrifier device (shown below).

Protocol instructions are included with the kit, based on our long and direct clinical experience.

Remote Detoxification Protocol kit

What is the reason for this kit?

In many medical conditions, including so-called “auto-immune” diseases and “cancers”, many research papers have reported findings of toxins and infections in one or many related organs, brain, and other anatomical structures of the body.

There are food-grade substances that remove (‘chelate’) these non-carbon based toxins, such as mercury, lead and aluminium. These substances effectively disconnect the molecular chemical bonds of the toxins from the cells of the body, and so enable their removal.

Solving blood flow problems to and from the toxins

Very often, there is an obstacle for any chelation detoxification system to succeed. If there is restricted blood flow through the tiny blood vessels to and from a target or problem area of the body, organ, etc., then the chelating substances cannot get to those areas and detoxification does not occur.

This blood flow problem is described as a “micro-circulatory disturbance”. A micro-circulatory disturbance can be identified and measured by the presence of “thromboxanes”, which are fatty substances involved in inflammatory processes. Thromboxanes have the effect of contracting and clotting blood vessels.

We have found from extensive clinical experience that the Blood Electrifier quickly solves micro-circulatory issues, and so acts as an excellent ‘delivery system’ for the chelating substances, to ensure that detoxification does occur.

Further information:

  • Detoxification Protocol PDF [254KB]

Please contact the Clinic for pricing and to order a kit: 03 9781 1889

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