Vegetarian/Vegan Omega3 Supplement


Unique Opti3 Omega3 EPA (minimum 200mg ) & DHA (minimum 400mg) + 200IU Vitamin-D supplement: all from microalgae source (100% vegan, fish friendly).  Hexane-free capsules (60).

No harmful contaminants such as mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) or dioxins as the algae are grown in a fully-controlled pharmaceutical facility to obtain the Omega-3 guaranteeing zero contaminants or toxins.

$33 plus postage.  Out of stock. Custom orders of minimum 10 units accepted at any time.

Please contact the Clinic for orders: 03 9028 5689

All items offered for sale are selected and tested to be of real and very worthwhile benefit to maintaining, improving and safeguarding health.