Viral Infection including hepatitis

Topic: Viral hepatitis, hep c, hcv, hep b

Viral hepatitis, hep c, hcv, hep b


We have seen standard pathology confirmed results of elimination of hepatitis viruses, including hepatitis C.

Though we cannot and disclaim our use of the word “cure” for the reason that cure can really only be assessed based on any recurrences at the end of an individual’s lifetime, these confirmed results are what are commonly described as “cure”.

We have several, effective approaches to the treatment of viral infections:

  • We can apply our Silver Iontophoresis electromedical treatment.
  • We have developed a combined electromedical and food-grade therapeutic substance approach to attenuation and inactivation of viral infection(s), which can be individualized to the patient and their infection:
    • An example of a therapeutic substance that can be given in combination with the electromedical treatment is Omega3 fats (‘lipids’) such as flaxseed oil; when taken in sufficient therapeutic doses at appropriately regular intervals each day has established and strong antiviral effects.
  • Using the acupuncture ‘channels’, or ‘meridians’ (that are probably related to known nerve pathways), in an application that we have developed for extended, continuous stimulation, we have successfully treated serious viral infections, with results confirmed by standard pathology tests. The portable electromedical equipment is applied during a series of in-clinic treatment sessions or can be taken home for continuous application over a number of days.

All electromedical approaches are completely painless.



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