What is Electromedicine?

Electromedicine, also known as ‘electrotherapy’, encompasses a broad and diverse field of therapeutic applications.

Electromedicine includes the use of stronger, to extremely small, direct current (DC), alternating electrical current (AC) and electromagnetic fields, applied to the human body in a variety of ways and for a wide range of effects.

The electromedicine uniquely employed by us, is mainly applied using custom electromedical equipment that has been developed by and for us for our unique treatment applications and goals. Our specialized equipment has been developed in parallel to our extensive clinical experiences of over 10 years.

Our electromedical applications include:

  • Noninvasive, pain and drug free infection treatments (technically: Silver iontophoresis and dielectrophoresis).
  • Electromedically-assisted heavy metal detoxification (technically: Low-voltage electroporation and microcirculatory effects).
  • Wound healing by boosting or replacing the wound-generated electric field, which is the chief local controller of wound healing.
  • Ultra-low currents to stimulate cellular behavior in very specific ways.
  • Ultra-low currents to stimulate tissue regeneration and the reversal of internal fibrotic (scar) tissue.
  • Waveform stimulation for modulating brain neurotransmitters (Serotonin, Dopamine, etc.).
  • Waveform stimulation for stimulating tissue healing and repair after injury, reducing inflammation and including nerve tissue treatments for neuropathy and neuropathic pain.

The application of these electrotherapy treatments is entirely individualized to the patient, their unique symptomatic presentation and the identified causes of these issues.

Some of these special electromedical applications have been presented and peer-reviewed published in international medical-scientific literature, and include confirmed reversal and disappearance of multiple secondary liver cancers, confirmed reversal of chronic lung scarring from tuberculosis infection, and negative repeat blood test results for some serious bacterial and viral infections (e.g., Helicobacter pylori and viral hepatitis).

Our electromedical treatments are often applied ‘stand-alone’, or together with precisely determined nutritional and supplementation protocols.

As a result of our highly specialized electromedical research and clinical experience, our facility is currently the only one of its kind in Australasia.